6x6 truck

Ural-M (Tractor unit 6x6)

It is a russian 6x6 truck. The bolster trucks are intended for towing semi-trailers at ambient temperatures ranging from –45°C to +40°С on all kinds of roads and terrain.

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The engines conform to requirements of emission class 4 (UNECE Regulation No. 96-02) without the systems SCR, EGR (only Common Rail)
The cross-axle differential lock
The interaxle differential lock
The antilock brake system (ABS)
The pneumatic drive of the brake system
The pneumatic drive of the parking-brake
The pneumatic drive of the transfer box
The engine starting heater
The additional fuel tank
The tachograph

* All engines presented on the website meet the emission standard EURO-5. We can also deliver vehicles with engines for other emission standards upon request.

All information on website concerning the prices and technical characteristics of vehicles is informational in nature and under no circumstances is a public offer.

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