Ural NEXT 6x4 (Tractor unit)

The tractor is designed for towing semi-trailers at ambient temperatures of -45 °C to +40 °C on roads of categories 1–4.

Order a truck
Designation 7470-5511-01
Wheel arrangement 6x4
Load on the fifth-wheel coupling, kg 16500
Curb weight, kg 9580
GVW, kg 25700
Gross vehicle weight distribution, per front axle, kg 5700
Gross weight distribution, per rear bogie, kg 20000
Weight of the towed trailer (on roads of categories 1–4), kg 52420
Gross train weight, kg 62000
Cab type NEXT, conventional, two seats, three doors
Type of the fifth-wheel coupling, inches 2
Height of the fifth-wheel coupling (at gross weight), mm 1283
Engine type Diesel, 4-stroke, turbocharged, in-line
Displacement, lt 11,12
Net power, HP 420
Maximum RPM, min-1 1900
Maximum torque, N·m 1985
Engine speed at maximum torque, min-1 1100-1300
Gearbox mechanical, 16 gears (with cable-operated control)
Drive axles with inter-wheel differential lock and interaxle differential lock in the middle axle, ratio 5.92
Starting preheater 14TS-20
Fuel tank capacity, liters 380+235
Maximum speed, km/h 90
Tires 315/80 R22,5
Overall truck dimensions, mm 8020х2550х2815
  • rear towing device of pin-type
  • autonomous cab heater
  • with sleeper
  • tachograph
The engine meets the requirements of environmental class 5 (UNECE regulation No. 49-05) with the SCR system
Pneumatic brake drive
Pneumatic drive for parking brake control
Inter-wheel differential lock of the middle and rear axles
Inter-axle differential lock in the transfer gearbox
Antilock brake system
Engine speed control function with a switch on the instrument panel
Engine starting preheater
Lead-outs for trailer
Trailer coupling
Tachograph (except for chassis)
Cable-operated gear shift joystick
2 DIN multimedia head unit with steering wheel control, USB support, audio system in the cab doors
Daytime running lights
Fog lights
Electric heating of mirrors
Electric heating of the windshield of the cab
Electric windows
Electric heating of fuel filters
Electric heating of the fuel intake
Central locking
Air suspension driver’s seat
Steering column with tilt adjustment
An instrument board with the built-in CAN bus error diagnostic function
Multifunction steering wheel
Cruise-control system
Cabin filter
USB port for charging
Fire extinguisher

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