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Catalog of Ural NEXT vehicles



URAL NEXT is equipped with a new upgraded transmission line with increased by 50 % service life and reliability. Also, there is used a pneumatic brake system.


The passive safety of the driver is increased due to the conventional design of the cab.


The NEXT model has an optimal price and a favorable cost of ownership compared to domestic and foreign competitors.

The average fuel consumption of URAL NEXT is 38 liters per 100 km.


In URAL NEXT, everything was created for the driver and passengers: a new conventional cab, a driver’s seat with air suspension, heat and noise insulation, and an optimal microclimate.

Cross-country ability

Due to the new engine with a power of up to 312 HP, locking differentials and the presence of a centralized tire inflation system URAL NEXT has increased cross-country ability.

In-line diesel engine

6-cylinder diesel engine, 4-stroke, with in-line cylinder arrangement, liquid cooling system, turbocharging and charge air cooling in an air-to-air heat exchanger installed on the vehicle, without EGR system.

Comply with the requirements of Customs Union Technical Regulations (CU TR) 018/2011 “On safety of wheeled vehicles” as related to meeting the requirements to engines of environmental class 5, defined by UN regulations No. 24-03 and No. 49-05B2 (G) for Euro-5.

The engine has a resource of at least 800 thousand km of mileage and a service interval for Maintenance 1—20 thousand km, Maintenance 2—40 thousand km.